John Alan Girouard 
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The Medium
My work embodies and extensive study in the marriage of hot glue & crayons on canvas.  This multi-functional art medium is used as paint on canvases and other receptive surfaces.  In essence, my paintbrush is a glue gun and the paint is a blend of molten glue and crayons heated to estreme temperatures.  This ready-made collage medium has ahesive properties enabling a wide scope of artistic capabilities. 
A half dozen smoldering hot glue guns, each of which reach the temperature of 380 degrees Fahrenheit (193.3 Celsius), are engaged while creating on piece.  The process involves moving from one gun to the next pulsing out the liquid while monitoring the flow and saturation of the canvas.  Hundreds of crayons and glue sticks have been melted down in the birthing of these works.